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  • Accelerates regeneration after performance
  • High protein content
  • Helps gaining pure muscle mass
  • Contains up to 85% pure amino acids in the tablet





  • Accelerates and deepens regeneration after performance
  • Supports growth of pure muscle mass
  • High protein content
  • Excellent resilience
  • Prevents catabolism


Basic characteristic:



The Amino 5000 Hydrocomplex is the highest possible achievable amino acid quality. It is characterized by a unique amino acid balance that gives your body the nitrogen needed for stronger and denser muscles. Each tablet contains up to 1000 mg of pure protein obtained by high-quality hydrolysis technology. Thus, muscles have the necessary amino acid for growth and regeneration. Amino Hydrocomplex is designed for athletes who want to prevent devastation of their own muscle mass and promote the growth of good muscle mass. Quality protein intake is essential for muscle regeneration. The quality of the product will meet the expectations of the most demanding ones.


Informácie o produkte

Amino 5000 is the highest possible achievable amino acid quality. It is produced by the hydrolysis method, where the maximum possible number of proteins in the tablet is obtained.

It is characterized by a unique balance of amino acids that give your body the nitrogen needed for a stronger and denser muscle. By hydrolyzing proteins in this product, the earliest amino acids have been developed so far. Regular use helps build high-quality muscle mass and speeds up regeneration. They are ultra pure amino acids precisely because they are made exclusively from hydrolysed protein isolates.

Composition: Whey powder hydrolyzate, microcrystalline cellulose, tri-calcium phosphate, magnesium stearate.

Recommended amount:

1 amount: 4 tablets + more water
Take 3 to 4 times a day, preferably between meals.

Note: Store in a dry place at temperatures up to 25 ° C. Protect from direct sunlight. Not for children, pregnant and nursing mothers. Keep out of reach of children. The manufacturer is not liable for any damage caused by inappropriate use or storage. Minimum shelf life 24 months from date of production.

  NUTRITIONAL VALUES           100 g 1 tablet
Fat 3 g 40,5 mg
- of which saturated fatty acids 2,4 g 32,4 mg
Carbohydrates 8,9 g 120,15 mg
- of which sugars 0 g 0 mg
Fiber 0 g 0 mg
Protein 72 g 972 mg
Salt 0,93 g 12,56 mg
Energy value 1 484 kJ
350 kcal
20,03 kJ
4,73 kcal


1 Amount - 4 tablets