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  • Highly efficient fat burner
  • Positive effect on kidney function
  • Visible results after 10 days


Informácie o produkte

Ladyburner L-carnitine

Ladyburner is a high-quality L-carnitine in a liquid form that is specifically designed for women. Its composition is enriched with a complete vitamin profile that helps the immune system function properly. With regular and proper use of Ladyburner, the first results will arrive after 5 days.

The effects of L-carnitine

L-Carnitine is the most effective fat burner. It is the basic component of the transport system that transports the fatty acid molecules to the site of proper energy consumption. It helps to transport the decomposed nutrient into the cells, for which it primarily uses the fat that transports to those parts of the body where it converts to energy. The beneficial effects of L-carnitine positively promote the normal functioning of the heart, protect the heart muscles from damage and have a positive effect on liver and kidney function. 

Take 1 amount (10 ml) daily 30 minutes before training.


  • Highly efficient fat burner
  • Positively supports heart activity
  • Protects your heart muscles from damage
  • Positive effect on the liver and kidneys
  • Maintains normal blood glucose levels
  • Contributes to the correct substance conversion
  COMPOSITION OF THE PRODUCT 100 ml 10 ml/1 amount
100 l-carnitine 10 000 mg 10 mg
vitamin B6 20 mg 2 mg
calories 40 kcal/167 kJ 4 kcal/17 kJ
proteins 10 g 1 g
carbohydrates 0,1 g 0,01 g
fats 0,1 g 0,01 g


1 AMOUNT - 10 ml